Environmental sustainability strategy



This Environmental Sustainability Strategy (“the Strategy”) has been developed to support the Victoria Power Networks Directions 2015 Five Year Strategic Plan and outlines the Vision, Objectives and Priorities to position the company as an industry leader in sustainable environmental management.

Consistent with the principles of the Victoria Power Networks Strategic Plan, in developing our strategy we have recognised the history of strong environmental performance displayed by the company over many years. The strategy emphasises building on our past performance and sets directional goals to provide sustainable environmental outcomes for the company and for the communities in which we operate.

This “whole of business” Strategy was developed from imperatives and ideas generated at an internal stakeholder workshop. Encapsulating all business operations, the aim is for the Business to reduce the environmental footprint made by our activities and to maintain our social licence to operate in the community. We will also aim to communicate our vision and objectives to all stakeholders, including the wider community.