Supporting education

participating-in-school-event.jpgWe work with schools to make a difference to the environment, highlighted by three exciting projects in our communities.

Over a five-year period, we worked with three schools to support their ambitious environmental projects.

With our support and their hard work, these projects have been completed and make a positive impact on their communities now – and into the future.

Mount Clear College, near Ballarat, created a rail trail along the old Buningyong railway line, while Murtoa College, east of Horsham, developed a bird corridor from the college to Lake Marma. It included a boardwalk, where people watch all types of birdlife without intruding on their habitat.

At Stawell Secondary College, the students worked with local groups to develop a walking and cycling trail around Pleasant Creek, while making a plan to protect the creek’s biodiversity.

All three projects are examples of how we work with the schools within our communities to make a difference to the environment.