Victoria is fortunate to have a rich and diverse range of wildlife that can be enjoyed. It’s not uncommon for wildlife to come into contact with our network which not only can harm the animals, but can also damage the electricity network and create power outages.

We do our best to minimise wildlife contact with our network through careful planning and design as well as vegetation management. In some instances it is feasible for us to install wildlife proofing devices on our equipment to restrict animal access.


One of the common wildlife concerns is possums on electricity poles and wires.  Possums typically travel along wires to reach trees or nests. This can be dangerous for the possum and annoying for residents, particularly in urban environments.

The most effective ways to deter possums from accessing your roof are:

  1.      Prune all branches within 1.5 metres of your roof and service wires.
  2.      Place aluminium or plastic collars around trunks and trees that give access to the roof.

If you have possums nesting in your roof, a possum removalist will be required. They will insert a one-way door into the roof space (so the possum can leave the roof) and then fill the holes that the possums are using to get in.

We do not install possum guards on service lines. These devices have proven to be ineffective and damage lines, compromise safety and reduce network reliability.


More information about management of possums and other wildlife is available from:


Department of Environment and Primary industries:



RSPCA Victoria