Distributors and retailers

CitiPower and Powercor are two of Victoria’s five privately owned electricity distributors.

CitiPower owns and operates the distribution network (“poles and wires”) that delivers electricity to Melbourne’s Central Business District and inner suburbs, and Powercor delivers electricity to customers in western and central Victoria, and Melbourne’s outer western suburbs. We are not electricity retailers – we do not sell electricity.

An electricity retailer sells you electricity and sends you electricity bills. Your retailer pays CitiPower or Powercor directly for distributing electricity to your premises.

Full Retail Competition (FRC) began in the Victorian electricity market on 13 January 2002. This means customers who use less than 40 megawatts of electricity a year could from that point forward choose their electricity retailer (customers who used more than 40 megawatt hours of electricity a year were already able to choose their retailer).

Regardless of who your retailer is, CitiPower or Powercor will remain your electricity distributor while you live or operate a business within one of our network areas.

CitiPower and Powercor is focussed on providing a safe, reliable and cost effective electricity supply to meet our customers’ current and future needs.

Electricity service difficulties and faults

Electricity service difficulties and faults should be directed to CitiPower on 13 12 80.

Electricity service difficulties and faults should be directed to Powercor on 13 24 12.

Connections enquiries

Connections enquiries should be directed to CitiPower on 1300 301 101, or Powercor on 13 22 06 (you must choose your electricity retailer before requesting connection to CitiPower or Powercor’s distribution networks).

Electricity meters

CitiPower and Powercor also install and read electricity meters. Additional meter readings should be arranged through your electricity retailer.

Account enquiries

Account enquiries should be directed to your electricity retailer.