Get bushfire ready


While it's not possible to completely eradicate bushfires, we can work together to reduce the factors that contribute to bushfire risk.

The top three things residents living in bushfire risk areas can do with regard to their electricity supply are: 

Be prepared for a possible extended power outage 

Power could be cut for an extended period of time during a bushfire. It's a good idea to have an emergency tool kit ready with a torch, battery powered radio, first-aid kit and water. Also consider alternative power options for things such as water pumps, lighting, cooling and cooking sources.

Sign up for SMS and email outage notifications 

We can send customers SMS alerts and updates during major outages as well as reminders if we plan to interrupt power supply for scheduled maintenance or if scheduled maintenance will be postponed due to extreme heat .To stay up to date about power outages registering for SMS or email notifications here.

Maintain your Private Overhead Electric Line 

For customers with Private Overhead Electric Lines (POEL), defects such as damaged fittings or loose wires could pose a bushfire or safety risk. Vegetation that come in contact with live power lines are also a common cause of bushfire starts. More about POEL here.

To find out more about what you can do to be prepared during bushfire season, download our bushfire readiness checklist.