Air conditioning

If your business is air-conditioned you may achieve operating cost reductions by assessing the equipment and its operation.

Set summer cooling temperature to 23°C - 24°C

Check temperatures seasonally - and reset if required. Reduce operating cost by up to 10% if seasonal adjustments are approximately 3°C.

Open doors and windows

Keeping doors and windows closed can reduce hot air infiltration. Air curtains can help cool air in some businesses and reduce operating costs.

Clean filters

Vacuum any fixed filters or wash removable parts located in the roof unit/wall unit. This provides greater efficiency in cooling due to improved circulation of air.

When was it last serviced?

Engage a service agent to check main air-conditioning plant at least twice a year. The benefit is more efficient air circulation.

Improve energy efficiency

By checking for heat gain problems in summer. Consider solar film on glass, external blinds, air locks, etc - to reduce hot air influx.

The time the system is switched on

At the end of the day, time set or switch off about 15 to 30 minutes before the closing time. Use off peak times to pre-cool work areas.