In winter, many businesses take their heaters out of storage or purchase new heaters to provide comfort for customers and staff.

Fan heaters or radiators switched on all day

Should only operate if the air-conditioning system is not switched on. Use for short periods to pre-heat an area and take the chill off the air. An alternative heating system may be more cost effective if all day/night heating is required.

Open doors and windows

Keeping doors and windows closed can reduce cold air infiltration and reduce heating costs.

Cold areas in the business for staff and customers

Consider localised heaters such as ceiling mounted radiant panel heaters or wall fixed panel convection heaters.

The time the system is switched on daily

Utilise off-peak times to pre-heat an area.

The right temperature setting

Check the temperature setting regularly. For every 1°C above the comfort setting of 18°C to 19°C, add 10% to the operating costs.