Lighting is often the main energy consumer for many businesses.

There are opportunities for energy cost savings and at the same time, opportunities to improve lighting levels to promote good security and increase staff productivity.

Is the most energy efficient lighting system installed in each area of your business?

Assess internal and external lighting and the cost of replacement for more efficient fittings.

Fittings and globes that are the most suitable for the task

Alternative lighting sources may be available that use less power. Consider compact fluorescent globes if existing lights are switched on for more than 8 hours per day.

Use of natural light

Cleaning transparent roofing panels, sky lighting and windows will reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Dust and dirt

Dirt and dust on light fittings is a cause of light reduction. By cleaning lamps and reflectors, there is improved light output.

Security lighting - when is it switched on and switched off?

A 12 month timer may be pre-set to include seasonal variations so that lighting operates only when dark.

Colour of wall surfaces

Use light colours. More reflective surfaces may require fewer light fittings operating.

Lighting in low use areas such as meeting or storage rooms

Install motion detection devices to automatically switch off when areas are unoccupied.