Replacing overhead powerlines

Powerline Replacement Fund Program Hero Image

Powercor will be replacing sections of High Voltage (HV) lines in the Hepburn, Macedon and Mount Alexander areas as part of a Victorian Government funded bushfire safety program.  

This program was established to identify initiatives that would reduce the likelihood of powerlines causing catastrophic bushfires in the future and follows the final report from the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission.

What are we doing?

  • Ploughing, boring or trenching works to lay underground cable 
  • Installing and jointing of cables on our poles and on the roadside
  • Retiring overhead wires and poles
  • Replacing existing conductor with covered conductor

How will this impact you?

  • Some roads will be affected by lane closures
  • Some roads will incur traffic restrictions due to roadside works
  • Planned outages towards the end of each construction area

How will this initiative benefit you?

  • Reduced risk of bushfires started by powerlines
  • Some improved visual appearance 
  • Less vegetation maintenance required in certain areas
  • Increased power supply reliability as a result of putting powerlines underground and/or installation of high voltage covered conductors


Typical project timeline

Each project will take around 14 weeks, depending on weather and any unforeseen issues. Our priority is to complete the works as quickly and safely as possible, with minimal disruption to customers and communities.


Timeline 2017.png