No Go Zones


An initiative to help everyone keep a safe distance from electricity, wherever they work.

The No Go Zone initiative, which is supported by CitiPower and Powercor, provides a set of guidelines for workers who are not working for the licensed electricity distribution or transmission companies to safely work around electricity infrastructure.

The initiative specifies minimum distances that people - and the equipment they use - can work near overhead and underground electricity assets, and also provides guidance on the process to be followed where these clearances cannot be met. Equipment covered by the guidelines includes cranes, excavators, concrete pumpers, elevated work platforms (including scissor lifts) and scaffolding.

To find out more about No Go Zones, visit the Victorian WorkCover Authority. For additional information regarding scaffolding visit Energy Safe Victoria.

Remember, before you start work near our overhead or underground network, you may need a Permit to Work from us. If required, this permit will detail the conditions and methods you must adhere to in order to carry out your work. We’ll only issue a permit either after we’ve visited and assessed your work site or when renewing a permit that meets strict criteria. Please click the Permit to Work link below to apply on line for a permit to work. Please note that charges may apply for some applications.

Application Assessment

When we receive your application, we will assess it to determine if a site visit and permit to work is required. Please note our application assessment timeframes are subject to  volumes and specific site locations. We therefore may require anywhere from up to 10 to 25 working days to contact you and begin assessing your application. If applicable, timeframes and costs (quote estimate) will be discussed with you at the site visit.

Permit to Work