Farm safety tips


Farms offer plenty of potential hazards, particularly when it comes to electricity.

By taking some simple precautions, you can avoid the likelihood of an accident.

For starters, you need to follow the same guidelines as many construction workers. If you’re going to dig, raise equipment overhead, or move large machinery, you need to be aware of overhead or underground wires.

This means you should plan routes around the farm that avoid overhead wires when driving large vehicles, and take care when raising irrigation pipes and ladders. For more advice, look at our Safety around our network section.

If a power line falls, assume that it’s live and keep your distance. This includes if a power line falls into a tree – the tree will also be live. Check our Fallen power lines section for some useful tips.

Be careful working with electrical tools on damp floors or in wet conditions, and inspect your equipment and cords to make sure they’re in good condition. Take extra care if you have wet or damp hands.

You need to keep wiring and switches out of reach from animals, and ensure you have safety switches in all your buildings that run power.