Indoor safety tips


Follow these simple tips to improve your safety around electricity when inside.

A good place to start is to make sure you have safety switches installed. The safety switches will alert you to possible problems with the wiring or electric appliances in your home or property.

If you need to have these installed, or you need to have a fuse replaced or reset, call a qualified electrician.

Make sure your electric appliances are in good working order. For example, if an electrical appliance is continually tripping a safety switch, it’s time to replace the appliance.

If you feel a shock or a tingle from an electric appliance, you should turn it off immediately and have it fixed by a registered electrical tradesman. It’s the same for the cords on your appliances – if they are frayed or damaged, you either need to replace the appliance or make sure it’s fixed by a qualified repairer.

The same applies if you feel any shock or tingling when touching a metal surface, such as a sink. It could mean you have a wiring problem in your home that needs to be fixed.

Other simple safety measures include:

  • put children’s safety plugs on powerpoints
  • turning off a toaster before trying to remove stuck toast
  • never touching electric appliances or switches with wet hands or feet
  • avoid using adaptors and powerboards
  • place extension leads along a wall – never under a rug where it will build up heat
  • turn powerpoints off before inserting or removing a plug.