Building a road for our battery

12 October 2015

Civil construction has commenced on site in Buningyong as we prepare to install Australia's largest battery south of Ballarat.

The 2 megawatt battery will be housed in a standard 40 foot shipping container and is capable of providing approximately 3,000 customers with an hour of back-up power during a power outage.

Equivalent to 20 percent of the current powerline’s capacity, the battery will increase the bandwidth of the network on peak demand days.

Works include building an access road to the site, and benching (cutting and filling) the site.

Data shows that customers in Buninyong experience an average of three outages a year with each outage lasting over 100 minutes.

We expect these works to be completed in early November.

The battery is currently being built in South Korea and Powercor expects to commence testing of the battery in December 2015 with the battery fully operational by early 2016.