Delivering value to our customers

1 May 2015

We submitted our regulatory proposals to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) outlining our investment priorities for the 2016-2020 regulatory control period on Thursday 30 April 2015. Our priorities for the period are focussed on striking the right balance between safety, reliability, growth and affordability so that we meet the expectations of customers today and into the future.

During the next five years we are proposing to invest $3.3billion in capital expenditure and deliver price cuts in 2016 for residential and business customers across our network.

Our efficient and targeted approach will see us deliver a $43 decrease in the average Powercor residential annual bill in 2016, while the average CitiPower residential bill will reduce by $28, with network charges remaining stable for the remainder of the five-year period. Business customers will also see reduction in distribution charges in 2016 as a result of lower metering charges.

For more information or to read the actual submissions, please visit our Talking Electricity website.