Smart meter benefits

With the ability to accurately track electricity use, we’ll all be smarter at how we manage our power.

By providing half-hourly readings of your smart meter, we can accurately determine when you’re using your electricity and how much you’re using. Because we remotely read your meter, we will no longer need to estimate bills – and so your bill will be accurate.

And if there’s an outage in your area, we’ll recognise it quicker, which means we’ll start fixing it quicker.

The smart meter system will also encourage customers to use their electricity during off-peak times to reduce the cost of the electricity. This will also help us to manage the electricity network in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

And if you’re moving into or out of a property, we can remotely arrange for the power to be turned on or off much more quickly for you.

In the future, you will also be able to access information about your electricity use – either through internal home displays or online – and adjust your behavior to reduce your usage and save money.

Smart meters for Victoria

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